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BALANCE for Blind Adults
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Daily Living Skills (D.L.S.)

Our Daily Living Skills program focuses on day-to-day activities in and around your home. If you have recently experienced vision loss and need techniques for daily living or if you are managing your home and kitchen for the first time, then D.L.S. can help.

A D.L.S. instructor will work with you to set and achieve goals in home management and personal management.

Home management

Instruction includes:

Personal management

Instruction includes:

To find out more about D.L.S., contact the BALANCE for Blind Adults office, visit the Resources page on our website, or fill out our easy application form to meet with a BALANCE instructor.

“BALANCE has helped me to become a household executive caring for my two young children and managing cleaning, laundry and meal preparation.”

Apply now for Daily Living Skills services.

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