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Financial Resources

Ontario Disability Support Program

The Ontario Disability Support Program (O.D.S.P.) has two components:

Income Support

Income Support provides financial assistance and other benefits to individuals with disabilities and their families. You can apply at age 18. In addition to accommodation and basic living expenses, you may qualify for:

If you are living at home with your parents, the amount you receive from O.D.S.P. depends on whether you are paying rent or paying room and board. You will receive more if you are paying rent.

It’s best to make an appointment and take someone with you. The initial stage involves completing forms with your doctor and submitting them to O.D.S.P. within 3 months. Once O.D.S.P. has verified your disability, you will be called for an interview with a caseworker who will explain the services available to you.

Employment Supports

If you are interested in working, O.D.S.P. also provides an Employment Supports program. This program works with community service providers to help people with disabilities find and keep jobs, and advance their careers.

Phone: 416-314-5700. You will be directed to the office in your area.
Website: accesson.ca

Canada Pension Plan

If you have worked, you will have likely paid into the Canada Pension Plan (C.C.P.). This plan has a Disability Pension component (C.C.P.D.).

Although the C.C.P.D. has spousal and child allowances, it does not cover extra costs such as transportation, medical or dental expenses. If you haven’t worked very long and the Disability pension is insufficient, you may also be able to apply for O.D.S.P. to top up your C.C.P.D. amount. In this case, you may qualify for these additional benefits.

If you have been accepted by C.C.P.D., O.D.S.P. will generally accept your application without requiring you to go through the paperwork process and six-month waiting period.

Phone: 1-800-461-3422

Income taxes—G.S.T. credit

It is important to file a tax return each year even if you are on a fixed income. Filing a tax return makes benefits and credits available to you.

Each year, for example, you may qualify for a G.S.T. credit of up to $380 paid in four installments. This credit is designed to help those with low incomes compensate for some of the G.S.T. paid throughout the year. Once your tax return has been processed, you will receive a Notice of Assessment indicating which credits and benefits you can expect.

Phone: 1-800-959-8281

Income taxes—Child tax benefits

If you have children, you may qualify for child tax benefits. You must apply for these benefits and complete your income tax return to provide the government with the necessary information.

Phone: 1-800-387-1193
Website: cra.gc.ca

Call 211 or visit 211ontario.ca for information about free income tax resources in your area. Clinics are available before April 30 to help you complete your tax return free of charge.

Credit Counselling

If you are having trouble balancing your budget and paying your bills, you can receive free credit counselling. Not-for-profit agencies like the Credit Counselling Service of Toronto can help you plan your spending, organize your debt payments, and arrange a reasonable payment schedule with the people to whom you owe money.

Phone: 416-228-3328

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